Reason for being – Ikigai

Have you ever asked yourself this question: what is my purpose? With numerous opportunities that life has to offer and every one of these different jobs and careers, it’s quite difficult to choose what we want to do with our lives. Society demands us to form decisions at a very young age, about what path … Read more


The Japanese word ‘rōnin’ describes a samurai without a master, who wanders alone. The status of a ronin varied across different time periods. In an exceedingly general sense, being a ronin implied failure. More specifically, a ronin had renounced the act of ‘seppuku’, which may be a style of Japanese ritual suicide that was applied … Read more

The art of not trying

Those who attain on tiptoes don’t refuse to simply receive. Those that rush ahead don’t get very far. those that try and surpass others dim their own light. Lao Tzu How can we improve once we stop attempting to improve? many people waste our efforts trying to raise our lives with questionable outcomes. They gain information and … Read more

Switch Off

Tournaments are also nerve-wracking. The more we live up to the day on which we are affirmed to shine, the more anxiety builds up. What if I perform badly? What if something goes wrong? An Olympic swimmer trains thousands of hours, just to urge that medal. A musician tradition for days on end, just to … Read more