Hey everyone, i hope you all are enjoying everyday of your life..

So, again I’m messed up in my random thoughts about random things.. 😜 and today’s thought is what is love! I know it’s a deep one..but still somehow..I tried to figure out this one..on my own..

So..there are two answers…love is a feeling or it’s an emotion..thoughtful right…?

Maybe it’s a very contrasting combination of both..feelings and emotions complimenting each other.. Emotions without feelings are incomplete, and so are feelings..

Feelings are just like clouds..they come and go just like clouds…they are visitors..where emotions are inside us…they grow deep inside us…they come out on simulation.. Or any emotional situation can arise them..feelings for someone or something can change over we meet new people, see new things..we feel different kind of feelings, if we like the newer one more than the last one..then we’ll feel about the newer one..and the last one’s feelings will fade away..but when we are connected to someone or something… We’ll be emotionally attached to them..and that attachment and emotions together will make us feel … Love.

From all these things..all I can conclude is that love is an emotion which gives us deep feelings which are unconditional and forevermore… ❀

If you liked it or have any other views about love…you can comment below πŸ˜‰ I’ll think about it and will share in my next blog…

Thanks for reading , keep smiling πŸ˜‡


  1. I think love is more than just a feeling, its more than a feeling, its a decision, a devotion, a vow, that is built upon on the foundation basis of two very crucial things essential to any ever lasting bond… that is, commitment and understanding.

    Other things then follow herewith, respect, appreciation, caring and more.. it is the desire to commit and making the other happy, loved, cared for, always and forerver, and more.. I love this post and your perspective too. Nice one. πŸ™‚ – Cezane

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