Hopelessly romantic?

Hey everyone, how you all doing, enjoying weekend…right πŸ˜› 

So, today’s thought is how it is to be a hopeless romantic personπŸ’•

I know how it is like to being an hopeless romantic.. It’s like you notice every detail of the person you love, how their smile forms, their eyes, their hair, their laugh, voice, smell…everything everything 😝 even the things they don’t say you’ll know & I know, all about them is magical, musical, irresistible 😍 and yes what about background music and all the bells you’ll hear πŸ˜‚

You will remember the first time they’ll look at you & your heart will skip a beat every time they’ll give a smile.. They’ll be like your favorite love song to which every time you’ll hear…your heart starts beating a bit faster, Everything will make sense and will seem to be so perfect that you didn’t have to question yourself that, Is it right for you or not? Your heart will shout at it’s loudest voice  I want, what I want & I know nothing 😝 . Yeah it is true that when it comes to the person we love…our heart do not want to hear and understand anything…no doubt why they say.. Love is blind ❀

 Every moment spent with them will be so special, it will always stay with you..even when they’re not in your life.. It’ll be in your memories…for forever.

You will remember what they’ve said…what they likes, dislikes, dreams , desires, & even you’ll become a stalker on social media πŸ˜‚. We romantic people are sometimes may be clingy or irritating…all because we are obsessed with our special person.

Never mind, actually it is fun to stalk that special person on social media but it is not always the same person who’s image we’ll create in our minds on the base of their posts so beware 😁 you might fall for someone in our own head , the imaginary one, because sometimes it is like, we’ll only see whatever we want to see ignoring the reality.

But it is always good to be a hopeless romantic person as you’ll feel everything so deeply , and it feels so good..so don’t you feel bad about yourself if you are the one here, because romantic person are rare nowadays, and I think they are special and lucky to have qualities like that , everybody wants to be loved by a person who is hopelessly in love with them  πŸ˜‰

So enjoy your hopelessness and spread it everywhere. πŸ˜‚

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 Thank you ☺

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