Needs or wants…

Hey everyone, how are you all..I hope that you all are doing good..and enjoying your life πŸ’ƒ

 So, it has been many days and I haven’t posted anything..because as usually you know, I was messed up in my thoughts 😝

I was thinking if I had to choose between what I want and what I need…then..what choice would I make..hard to choose right..?

I is hard to choose because we knows that the heart wants what it wants..

I think the needs are natural..because we need to need as we exist, so it’s all natural to have needs that we need..We usually start with our basic needs and as things are sorted out, our needs are fulfilled, our wants emerges and continues to emerge..And the wants..they are essential too..because without em we would have no reason to hang around..they somehow defines us..what we want is who we are..there are some things we wants..and some we need and then there are the things we deserve… 

Sometimes we want the things or the people who are not good for us that we already know but still we wants them in our life because maybe we love them or maybe we cannot explain some things like why we want them..knowing very well that this may be an another way to hurt ourself.. But Again , we wants to give them an another chance…hoping..may be..all we need is a right timing..

We knows already what we need..but still..we want what we wants..but it should not always be like that..sometimes we should tell ourselves what we should want and what not..just like a kid who plays with a knife and can hurt himself.. We make him understand with love and takes away the knife.. Just like that..we have to make ourselves understand some things..and learn to let those things go…

So, at last all I can say that .. Life do not always gives us what we gives us..what we deserve..and we all know what we deserve…we deserve to be respected, to be understood and to be loved unconditionally…and that’s all what constitutes our needs..and all we ever wants..❀

Thanks for reading, if you have any other views related to the topic you can comment… 

Keep smiling ☺

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