How will I…

Sometimes, we have to learn to let some people  go out of our lives willingly or unwillingly for some good reasons , bad reasons and  for our own good because its all a part of moving on.. 

A heart which is trying and learning to move on from his love goes through different emotional phases..which are hard to explain.. But somehow I tried to explain that feeling in some it goes..

How stupid of me watching dreams again of you,

How could I forget you’ve fallen in love and out of it too..

Tell me how to forget the shine of your eyes,

They shine so bright and hide all of your lies..
I had your dream last night,

Sitting on a bench holding hands tight..

You wanted to go I wanted to fight,

And when I woke up I had tears in my eyes..
I want to give you the warmth of my heart,

Because I’m afraid you might catch a cold..

I’ve always loved you and I’ll not let you fall apart,

From your stoned heart and your frozen soul..
Every time my glass heart gets broken into pieces,

Whenever he comes to yours confessing his feelings..

How could I forget it was always me and never you,

I’ve loved I’ve missed I’ve lost you..
How my heart will learn and How will I teach,

To give up on the things that are out of his reach..

Now no efforts will be done by me,

Because I know you’ll come here..only to leave… 

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