Do you know.. 

Hey everyone, how are you? I hope you all are fine and doing well. So do you know why you are the way you are and why you behave the way you do…there are reasons behind everything or whatever you do or happening with you. Some are scientific reasons and while others are psychological….

So don’t blame yourself next time..if you’ll behave, the way yo do.. 😀  

So here are the facts that if you know may change your life…

Being with positive and happy people makes you happy– You may think that this is not true that how the other person’s presence can influence your mood, but believe me or not…the is all about vibes and the energy which we feel when we are surrounded with the people of happy or high vibes.

Type instead of speak – There are some things which we all have faced at some point of life which we cannot say to the other person directly. Almost about 90% of the people refers texting instead of speaking one-on-one to solve some sensitive issues.

Rejection– We all have been through this at some or another point of our lives, and we all have our different ways of dealing with it. But you how our mind deals with it? Actually our mind treats it like a physical pain which is same as any injury or fracture.

Love at first site– Do you believe in fairy tales or the love at first site type stories? If not…then start doing it. It is now scientifically proven that falling in love takes only 4 seconds, which are enough to exchange a glance.

What brain do when left nothing to do with– It will either replays the past experiences or will create the perfect scenarios. so, remember the next time you’ll do nothing.

Forgot anything? – If you always find yourself trying hard to remember the small things, then just close your eyes. Yes! closing your eyes will ??help you to remember those things.

So these were some of the facts about humans, they are not so easy as they seem to be. If you have any more interesting fact then you can share by commenting below I’ll reply surely and if you liked it then please share.Thanks for reading 🙂 

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