A beautiful feeling…

Nowadays, understanding humans have become way more complicated than it was before…in today’s world where spending quality time together..holding hands and talking to each other while looking into each other’s eyes, with a little fear of getting caught and all those things are being replaced by texting and video calling..it becomes hard to feel the way other person feels..I am not saying that texting or calling is a bad way to communicate..but we can easily hide the way we feel..behind stickers or emojies…when we all knows..eyes don’t lie..

I know we all are busy and we don’t have time for everyday meets but once in a while.. We should spend some time with the people we love…peacefully.. With no rush to go anywhere.. Just feeling the presence of having someone by your side and feel loved and wanted..away with all the technologies.. No texts..no calls..no posts..just the vibes of each other…experiencing the beautiful feeling of love…

I know we take pictures of everything..for keeping memories.. But when it is the heart which feels and everything or every second you spend with that one person is getting encraved in your Heart…then who on the earth needs to take pictures of anything…

How beautiful it is to spend time with that person..on the roof..with no one else but the love of your life is holding you…all your doubts will be suddenly going away…you share everything you like..you don’t like..you desire..your fire..your pain..your pleasure..your fears..your passion..and everything..everything.. And even if you don’t speak…you can still feel the warmth of them..and their heartbeats..their vibes..and that perfect smile..in the moonlight..

You know it is love when you feel beautiful when you’re around them..yes, beautiful.. Not in the sense of the way you look..but the way you feel..beautiful.. When you have enough courage to forgive yourself and others for making mistakes..and you learn from them..you get all this inspiration from that single person.. That person is the one who makes you feel that you have to learn to love yourself enough first and then to love someone else first..sometimes the person who taught all these things..is not the one who is still with us or in our lives..but they stay with us in our memories, It is not always possible to be with someone we love..but love is a beautiful thing..it makes us a beautiful person anyway… Even if..when the lovers are not together..but they learn and grow from this beautiful feeling and emotion in their own separate ways… 

    Sometimes it becomes very hard for us to tell or explain whom we love more..the person.. Or the memories we have of them in our deepest depths of heart.. As they say, person can change with time….but memories don’t.. And i think..they stays the same..in us..keeping us alive..and making us wise.. πŸ™‚



    1. It’s not easy to understand the people around us if we spend quality time together. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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