Now I know ❤

What you mean to me,

I wanna make you see..

Your happiness matters most to me,

And this , I’ll make you believe..

Your the one person I got right,

The only one for whom I’ll fight..

Like the moon, in a dark night,

That’s how you shine so bright..

You’ve showed me what is life,

How to be brave and survive..

You make me believe in me,

You’ve hold me, when I was weak..

When I was falling down,

Felt like I was underground..

When my world was upside down,

You were always around..

You were there,

I know you’ve always cared..

That time, I was a little scared,

And for love..I was unprepared..

Now give me chance..

I wanna love you in the way you deserve,

With you I wanna dance..

I know you won’t regret,

My heart was reserved,

For loving a man like you..

You’re always on my mind, 

And I can’t forget you…

And when in a crowded place, 

I’ll only find you,

And now I know

I was meant to be with you …❤

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