At sharp 3 am in the morning , he had received a text :


Hey Rahul, I hope you’re fine!

Do you still hate me??

She was Rachita, Rahul’s ex girlfriend, his first mistake, lesson and love.

Yes, she was his first love and  biggest lesson of his life.

After getting betrayed by the love of his life..he was not broken…instead he had learnt how to live a happy life, and how to be strong…

He read that text as he was studying late at that night..

He was shivering when he read that text…her contact was not saved..but it was by hearted by him at a time of his life..he could never forget..suddenly all the things from his past were flash baking..he felt some kind of rush in his stomach.. Maybe because of excitement or nervousness.. Then he took a deep breath and typed :

Hey Rachita..yes I am fine and happy..and I hope you are too..Are you kidding? I do not hate could were the only one who had given me the beautiful feeling of love for the very first had taught me so many things I can’t even say..I am really very grateful to you…You really are a beautiful person…you were just a reason for learning all the things I’ve learned in my you don’t have to feel guilty for anything… And I even wanna say thanks to you for everything..I am glad you were a part of my life..that had given me a lifetime memories to cherish and remember…

And hey listen..I don’t hate heart is very big to give everyone love and even forgiveness…not a small one that have only hate..!

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