Sad? No more :)

Are you hurt? Are you in pain? You don’t wanna live? When you wake up in the morning, you don’t smile? Why everything is so negative? You are not grateful for anything! All you want isn’t working or isn’t right.. If answers of most of the above questions are yes, then just answer me one question..

Who do you think is responsible for all these things??

You blame others for doing wrong to you or for hurting you ever think that it was you who gave them enough power to do so. You blame situations for not being you ever think that why situations would always be the way you want them to be. You blame people for changing, don’t you know you can’t control everyone or their behaviour towards you or anyone.

You don’t wanna live..? Even when god has given you everything that most of the people are wishing for..but you wanna die because you are not satisfied with whatever you have. Okay I understand you are not satisfied with the things, then go ahead and change for them..improve them instead of just sitting and complaining.

You are just addicted to negativity. Teach yourself how to be grateful, trust me it feels so good and gives you vibes of happiness that all can sense. Remember you can not control everything that is happening, sometimes you just have to accept, learn, let go and move on. There is no other option, either you accept or not, you can’t help it. Acceptance leads you to the freedom.

So instead of being a person who is full of negativity and bad a happy person, a peaceful soul, a soul that isn’t blaming anyone for who he or she is right now or any situation. Who takes her or his responsibility completely and focuses to be a better person everyday. Who is grateful for everything and enjoying this beautiful gift of god..which we call life ❤

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