You are superhero.. ;)

Sometimes when I watch any superhero movie..I wonder..if there is some hero who is going to save me from my problems or if I have some superpowers in me which will be revealed someday..and I’ll be a superhero too 😝 , but then my reality shakes me up from my imaginations and then I have to face it all by my own..

I want some power to undo things that I’ve done in my life ( mistakes or bad experiences obviously 😁 ) , but thinking that it can’t be done in reality breaks my heart.. I know some things in life can’t be undone if it could be done..then what life would be easy road..but difficult roads always leads to a beautiful destination.. I want to make my life a series of experiences and lessons.. You can see and experience the things you want to undo, learn from them and can keep in mind that these shouldn’t be repeated and in that way you can save yourself again from making a fool of yourself for and in front of others..( just like a superhero saves others 😎 )..because you are you’re own savior, your own have to save yourself.

There are some situations or people matter what you do for some people..they won’t appreciate..they want more, more and you’re someone else, like you’re God or something 😑 & actually its all their fault not ours that they expected so much from us..we are also humans..we are also learning things up..making mistakes..growing up.. But all they think about is themselves and forget about what we have done for them..just because we did something wrong once and everything is gone..😏

I’ve realized in my life that whatever is can’t change anything from your past but you can decide what you’re going to do in future and which will eventually change your future ( you did it yourself..its your superpower 😝 ). Thinking about past isn’t going to help, but planning and then acting on your plans can help.

So instead of wasting your time and energy on people like yourself every time from situations and people like them who are always negative and look at the life from their own fixed perception about everything and never grow or learn.. So just focus on yourself and keep growing , leaving all things that disturbs your mental peace and calmness behind..flying high just like a superhero 😎.

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