Letting go.. :)

Tired of watching people go..

It has been a long time since i have learned to let people go. From the beginning also I’ve always hated for begging or pleading to people to stay, even if i wanted them to stay so bad..but i never did and i guess never will. It’s their choice anyway..they have made up their mind..already had taken their decision..then no matter how hard i will try..i can not make them stay.

Yes, it hurts sometimes to let go people you love from the depths of your heart..the ones about whom you care too much.. Sometimes too much is not good..the “too much” is a spoiler..it can scare off the other person, and they may run away from us with the speed of light. Sounds funny, but it feels so bad..seriously..it does.

So i have realized that some people are meant to be in our life for the certain period of time and play their roles accordingly as they are meant to play..and then they leave..they go as they have their own journey also..which they have to complete..accomplish things..just like me.. so i agree that its not their fault..so i thank them for whatever period of time they were with me..taught me lessons..things..some good..some bad.. Thank you..Adios! 🙂

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