Friendship.. So let me define who is a friend first.. Well this is not an exam or anything for which I have to write the correct definition..everyone have a different meaning for a friend and friendship, For me friend is the one who always stays with you..always.. No mater what..when you do something wrong.. They don’t just leave you like others..they get angry.. And the make you realize that you’ve done something wrong and help you to get out of that particular situation. When you do something right..they stay by your side and rejoice with you..motivates you to do more better..they don’t judge you for your decisions..because they understand that you can also make mistakes.. and which doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person..but just learning through your mistakes and improving. They don’t hold on to your mistakes..they forgive and love you as they were doing so before..

All we need someone who would understand us..our decisions, and the choices we make..,to listen what’s going on in our mind, the plans, ideas and jokes..everything.. someone to discuss every detail of our life, and the options we get, the opportunities and the proposals ;)..just someone who just accepts all our flaws and make us feel that we both are the same, full of flaws and yet perfect.. πŸ™‚

So my friend, find yourself the one who would never leave you on your one wrong decision..and stay away from the friends who give up on friendship just because you have not done something according to their definition of right..or what they think you should do which is right. Friendship is build on the total trust, love , understanding and acceptance..the things we all seek.

So what you think about friends and friendships..share your views in the comments please.. I would love to know them all. 😁