My Lord..♡

Whenever problems come.. I sit in holded my hand and gave me strength..kept your hand on my shoulder and made me realize that I’m not alone..I also have someone standing by my side on the difficult roads of life..I thank you from my whole heart and I am really grateful for raising me up and making me stronger..more than I can have always been with me..on my highs , lows..and I know you always will be..

My loving are my strength, my hope, my faith, my soul, my life.. I owe you myself as I’m on my knees before the greatest and purest love.. praying..

My prayers aren’t full of they used to be..but full of gratitude towards everything you have given me..

Sometimes I wonder what I have done to be loved like this by you my are my true treasure..and I have complete trust in you that you’ll never leave me alone.. whatever you’ll bring to me, I’ll accept patiently knowing that you love me and have a plan for me..a plan..way better than mine. 🙂