Love doesn’t hurt πŸ˜‰

Ah! Love..

Maybe for some people love is just a waste of time..but for me love is the greatest feeling that we can experience and share with everyone around us..😝

I think the Biggest problem with the people who says love that they must have given their love to the wrong person.. wrong person here is the one who is not ready to accept and embrace the amazing love that we have to offer..and rejects it.. while some people are just craving for the lover just like us.


Yess..I know I know being rejected feels bad and specially by the one we adore & dream about 24*7 is very painful..but if you try see from my eyes.. you’ll realise that it wasn’t your loss’s their loss..
The love that you have to give to very valuable and priceless..but if they are too blind to see that..then they really don’t deserve it.

You just have to remember two things-

1) Your worth – how amazing and incredible person you are and the one you’ll be with..will be the luckiest one on this planet. 😝

2) When to give up – there’s no use of keep loving someone who doesn’t reciprocate your love and keep rejecting you and acting like they are the most busiest person in the whole universe..and hardly give you any attention..then know that it’s time to let them go and move on!

It’s not like you’re giving up on love..but you’re respecting your feelings and knowing that your time, efforts and energy are important & giving up on the person that isn’t meant to be yours.

Accept the truth and have enough courage to move on. I know it’s easier said than done..but still you have to do it.

Like tell me what’s the use of wasting your time when the other person doesn’t even care what the hell you feel or going through.. c’mon..move on.. it’s not like they’re the last living creature on this planet to be with.😝

The person you decide to be with should be more than happy to spend even a little amount of time with you..there should be no games in between you..should give you all of their attention and care about what and how you’re feeling.. should respect you and your values, decisions and opinions..can wait for you..and should exist..πŸ˜‚

I wonder , the person we dream to spend our lives with really exist..or it’s just our imagination..😐

Maybe someone somewhere is too wondering the same..and all of the things in their list meets us..😝

It would be so just keep dreaming and enjoying your life.

I hope everybody finds the kind of love they dream about..and spend their lives happily with them for forever no matter if they fight or argue..the main.. thing is not to let the love of your life go.

PS: I am sucker for happy endings.

Thanks for reading..

Share what you think about looove😝


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