Nowadays people are so cold..

Maybe there’s something that has made them the way they are..

Something has happened and all the balminess of their heart has gone..

Sometimes I wonder, what it could be..

A torned heart?

A shattered trust?

A splintered soul?

Maybe they aren’t that hard,

And it’s just a guard.

A mask that hides their vulnerable side..and helps them in pretending that they are careless and cold hearted..just like everybody else..

And behind that mask..there is someone who is as soft as water, as warm as morning sunshine..

As the beautiful quote says..

People only go cold because it hurts so much to get burnt.

© Dreamer

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  1. Do you know the main difference between an artist and a writer??????
    Let me Explain:- An artist can draw a picture behind the mask in only one way. But A writer can write it in a thousand ways.

    You have written very well. I liked it very much💐😊

  2. When people decide that ‘communication’ is about smartphones, tablets and laptops, and the platform is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even WordPress, then maybe the whole art of communication is lost, flushed down the toilet along with talking and truth. I think this makes communication so impersonal, cold if you like. Then I am old-fashioned, I liked snail mail, and I like meeting people face to face (so I guess messenger does have some uses) 😊😊

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