Making fun of others..

We should never make fun of anybody’s insecurities, weaknesses, or disabilities… because we never know how much courage does it took them today to come out of their house knowing that they aren’t that confident about themselves and are different from others what they call disabled or made fun of them.

If somebody doesn’t looks like you or doesn’t fit in your definition of perfect or a normal person then there’s nothing wrong with them.. everybody is different and unique.

What may seem weird to just different..and know that it’s time to open your mind and expand your thinking.

Everybody is different and normal in their own way, they aren’t some source of entertainment, they are humans too and they also feel, everytime they get bullied or made fun of they lose a little piece of them..a little confidence and believe in themselves..
The person whom you called weird or ugly may have been crying for that thing they hear from everybody and everywhere..they are struggling themselves every time they look at the mirror, they feel they are like some kind of taboo or alien and you know what .. who’s responsible for this..who made them feel that way?
It’s us the society.
Some nights they even question their existence.. and this is so upsetting.

So if you cannot make anybody happy or make them feel good about themselves, then at least do not make fun of them and call them weird words that if you have heard for yourself, you wouldn’t be able to get over them.

It costs nothing, literally nothing to be kind to people.
So try to be kind as the golden rule says~

Treat others, as you want to be treated.

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  1. Only one…..Which is eternal…Is unlimited……..Is latent.
    Arjun! Put an element in mind only. Understand the yogic power of God.
    The whole universe is God Is occupied in a fraction. Whatever is there, it is from God. Whatever is happening, that is God.

    BTW, You have written very well πŸ™πŸ˜Š

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