It’s too bad some people aren’t even worthy of all the love and care we have for them..
How unfortunate! Isn’t it..?

Well it’s just one of those things you have to get over. I know it ain’t that easy but sometimes..we have to do things that aren’t easy for our own sake.

Because doing what’s easy won’t help you. It doesn’t change you..and what doesn’t change you..will halt your growth.

And if you ask me, it isn’t a bad thing because at least now you know that to whom you have to give your love and attention,
Who is worthy and who isn’t.

You know your time and attention is valuable.

Just know that some people aren’t worthy of keeping.

All the time you think you are investing will turn out to be wasted..
And as we all know the famous quote from my one of the favorite author.. Paulo Coelho..

So invest yourself in those people who appreciate you and your presence in their life and does the same level of efforts because..

Anything one sided never works out.
be it friendship for relationship.

As the quote says ~

It takes both sides to build a bridge.

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