Embrace change..

When we confront something new like any change or change in our old pattern..we oppose it, because we get so used to how the things were going.. specially when things were going smoothly.. without any hinderence.

It’s nobody’s fault, you can’t blame yourself for resisting change. Just not forget that change is good..if it’s bettering you and helping you grow.

The future can be better than the past only if it is changed.

If you change nothing, nothing changes.

Change is the law of universe.

Everything changes as it grows.. evolves..but we can also not ignore the fact that change is uncomfortable and agonizing, but remember what the Buddha said-

Yes..change is never painful, only the resistance to change is.

It’s natural human nature of being afraid of change and also we humans love doing things without any hurdles in our ways.

We tend to do things that are effortless.

Change is hard, it takes a lot of courage and commitment to face and accept it, but if you want something better in life instead of having good..then you have to embrace the change.

You cannot be afraid of change, all you have to do is analyse the situation and give a thought about it’s good side and accept the fact and also as the time goes by, we realise all these things and situations are nothing in front of us.. what lies within us is totally beyond all these little obstacles that come in our ways through the beautiful journey of life and makes us who we are today.

And who knows maybe the change you’re reluctant about will help you to find your true direction.

Thanks for reading.

I hope all my readers are happy and healthy.. 🙂

Keep smiling 😋

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  1. Change is inevitable ….we wake up to a new us every morning ….the key is to embrace it ……..a wonderful reminder this is

  2. Yes,only courageous people enjoy the fruit of changes.’The cowards die hundred times before their death’ by not accepting changes.Perhaps the dinosaurs didn’t like changes so they have become extinct whereas the little house lizards have survived for their abilities to accept changes.Great post. Thanks a lot for sharing. It’s very significant post for many people who are living a stagnant life and are struggling in the same profession

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