Do you ever stop and wonder why do you do certain things?

We do things which we choose to do. The factors that influences our choices are ~

a) ExperiencesThe one’s own life experiences i.e. past experiences.
They do influence who a person is today a lot. Be it good or bad but it shapes the the person’s mentality.

When good things happens, people feel excited and make choices, and when bad things happen people just want to give up and feel depressed. This is the main cause of anxiety that today’s generation is facing. The dead-will to struggle and not to give up.

b) PerceptionWhat we believe and how we observe things and situations is the second factor perception.

How we observe things what we believe and how we influence the world and behave with it tell a lot about us and will affect our decision making to some degree.

So we make choices accordingly and do things, and hence our personality is developed.

Personal development is not restrictive.
What we do is the core of who we are.

Our values as the person as who we are is totally independent of anybody else’s values.

A person can decide to grow or change his values at any point of his life when he decides to do so.

As we face different situations and gain experiences, gather information, knowledge we grow and we learn and learning at any point in our life is beautiful in the unpredictable journey of life.

So never stop learning and growing.

Thanks for reading..

I hope you all are happy and healthy πŸ˜‹

Till next post, keep smiling πŸ™‚

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