Equisite rain..🌧️

Monsoon is coming and the clouds are on their way..

Actually it’s the most amazing time of the year.

Whenever I think about rain..you know what comes in my mind..

β€’ The heavy sound of rain..

β€’ Listening to it’s rythm..

β€’ Paper boats..

β€’ Dancing in rain..

β€’ Coffee with a good book at the window side..

β€’ The smiling faces..

β€’ And jumping frogs everywhere.. 😝

I just love the softness of rain drops..the ones that make rainbows, and the whole world blurry..

While the days are divine, the nights are peaceful.

In those nights, I sleep with the windows open..and feel the cold and calming wind on my face..and listen to it’s sound..as it comes pushing away the curtains..

It’s so peaceful..the sound of rain on the rooftop..

The drops sliding down the window glass..

So exquisite.

Isn’t rain is one of the most amazing gift of the nature. I can’t wait for the blissful season.

When it rains, I share my umbrella.

If I have no umbrella, then I share rain..πŸ™ƒ

Thanks for reading, I hope you all are doing well..πŸ˜‡

Keep smiling.

Β© Dreamer

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  1. Perhaps iam the only one who is not ‘book and a cup of coffee’ kind of personπŸ˜…
    Anyway enjoy ye barish🌸

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