Are you having a bad day? or should i say.. bad days?

Well days like those.. we all have now and then.

“All of us..”

The things we wanted to work out perfectly did not worked out.
So many things we have promised ourselves, just can’t happen.

Sometimes.. it takes a little longer to arrive where you want to be and you feel frustrated.
Even the world seems to be moving on without you and you feel like you’re invisible.
All of your strength is used up and you yourself doesn’t even know how much longer you can hold on..

The faith you had is lost.. and you know what’s the the worst part, you don’t even have somebody to tell you that it’s gonna be ok.. just hold on for a little longer, everything’s gonna be alright..or something like that..

Someone who can understand or just listen atleast.
You know when will feel lost, the other person’s presence can’t help us to find our lost track but can keep the candle of faith alive in our heart.. and when you don’t have anybody around you, it becomes more difficult..unbearable.

But you know what.. besides will rise..

Your bad days will create better days for you.

You will still arrive where you want to be..

Things will work out..

You will be stronger.. maybe even more than you were before..

You will find the strength you did not know you had.. and with this strength you will pick up yourself and will achieve more than you could ever imagine.

All you need is a little trust on yourself.. you know you can do can do anything.. right.. and not giving up so easily..

So, don’t be so hard on yourself.

So what if things didn’t went according to the plan today.. Tomorrow will still come.
Tomorrow is a new day..another chance.. it’s all a part of process.. process of your journey…the journey you desire.

We need to experience all different days.. these days makes you stronger and wiser then you were the day before..Trust me, it does just keep holding on.. πŸ™ƒ

© Dreamer❀️

Thanks for reading..I hope you all are doing great..πŸ˜‡

Keep smiling πŸ˜‹

88 thoughts

  1. You are never alone young Lady. I forgot to tell you; I live rent free in your heart. I know who you are because I watch your words like an Eagle. I will not let you stumble or falter. I know you and I know your heart. From a Father to a Daughter you are never alone.

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      1. You are like a Daughter to me my own. I know where you came from, I know who you are. I will walk with you; I will nudge you back to keep you from falling down again. You are precious in the eyes of your Fathers that have come a long way to keep an eye on you. You are very well mannered and strong you can call me Ron. Your very pretty, but I am an interior decorator I am going to polish your heart up till it shines like a diamond in the misty morning sun. I live in your heart most of my Daughters know this sometimes I have to remind them. Never show a weakness always look in the eyes of strangers and control the situation. Never allow yourself to be controlled that is a fatal mistake in the fields that surround you. I will always be there for you and hold your hand. Eden is not a place but a voice your hear in your heart.

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      2. Thank you so much Ron..
        I’m very grateful to you..
        Thanks for motivating words..
        I will be stronger and look directly in the eyes.. thank you for your support..πŸ˜‡


      3. I am a Father if you need to lean , lean on me. I am an old Rattlesnake but I don,t bite. I will always encourage you to do your best. Men have told you, you were guilty, I never told you that. Look at that young lady in the morn and tell her how Beautiful she is. She is a part of Creation a Daughter of many Fathers from long ago.

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      4. If you every need to talk email me I am retired now. I like to kill mice that bother my Daughters around the world. My blogs were never about me. It was about the young ladies out there that need a little hand to stand up. I build houses and hearts.

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  2. So true! We have to keep reminding ourselves that good things take time and patience is the key. So just hang in a little longer and everything will be okay😊 And you’ve written it so beautifully !🌸❀ Amazing! πŸ’–

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  3. It’s one of the most needed post for everyone to read. You had written it beautiful. And seriously things do work out sooner or later but this process of becoming strong is where we need the strength to stand firmly.. love it girl😘❣️

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  4. Exactly! Difficult days teach us valuable lessons we could have never realized if days were so good. There’s always so much to be grateful for in our lives βœ¨πŸƒ

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  5. We do get stronger, in faith in ourselves and in doing so, with the rest of the world. It is in that persevering that we will appreciate us…love the one person we have always struggled with…us ❀️

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  6. If there is nothing left, not even a shimmer of hope, then pray for hope and see that the prayer for hope was the light of hope it self. Go on, and pray for faith and belief. You already got hope when you prayed, so receive faith as well. It is obviously working.
    As you now have hope and faith and you got them both when you asked for it. Ask for love, and you shall receive, though you might see, it is not what you thought it would be.

    Matthew 7:7
    Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

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