He says his love is real..

And can’t help himself the way he feels,

But poor guy doesn’t know..

Love is magic,

And magic is illiusion ✨

That’s all he needs to know.

© Dreamer ❤️

Keep smiling 😋

22 thoughts

  1. Your words speak volumes,” Love is Real”. Love is magic, magic and magic is an illusion.
    When your Fathers come to you and say your Beautiful and it strikes your heart. That is what Love is all about in that one split millisecond. He can’t help the way he feels. Then I would ask, “Why are you deceiving me with words that are meaningless”. You ever held my hand and looked into my eyes without telling me your problems.
    My Father told me to ask you that question. He watches over me and he wants to know.

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      1. I am that young man trying to woo you. Until I stood up one Day as Father. And stood above my Daughters and told you that you are” Beautiful I am Proud of you. I don’t care about the past or the tomorrow. Tell me about you day. Sit with your Father till the sun goes down and I will hold your little hands , look into your eyes and listen intently.

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