Sometimes you just feel unwanted even with the people you wanted the most..

I know it’s a sad feeling we all have been there.. right?

The feeling of loneliness and being unwanted..even around people are the most terrible feelings anyone could ever feel..

We all hate this feeling of being unimportant to the people who are most important to us.

It happens when people lose interest, gets tired, annoyed, conversations become shorter, ignores texts, show no attention and don’t care about what and how you feel..

You feel left out and then distance yourself..

Sad. Right?

The worst thing you could do to someone who loves you is to make them feel like that.. and it’s a human nature after all, we all want to feel appreciated, wanted and loved..❤️
Isn’t its one of the basic human needs..?

We also wish for the same love, attention and affection we give to the loved ones.. but sometimes people don’t appreciate & understand the value of someone who loves them and cares about them selflessly, without any ulterior motives.. value of someone who wants nothing but love back in return.

It’s a damn precious thing.. when you have someone like that in your life. They are like your unconditional support system.. but when you take this thing for granted and the other person leaves or gives up on you.. then you’ll regret it.. you will regret about losing a rare gem.. and losing someone like that so don’t ever make this mistake in your life.

Life gives some opportunities only once..

We feel unwanted when we thought that the people we love would always choose us over everyone else, but when they don’t.. we feel.. maybe there’s something wrong with us or maybe we’re not good enough.. which is totally unfair to us…

How on the basis of someone else you measures your value.. your worth..

Are you that priceless??

I know you are not.
So stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out of the pity party..!

Just wipe up your eyes and put up your head.

Everyone deserves to be happy and you too, trust me.

Never give anybody the power to make you feel worthless or unwanted ever.

Do not waste your time and energy on someone who treats you like a waste. You’re not trash.

You are a diamond.. so never let anyone dull your shine.

Whenever you feel unwanted or anything like that with someone.. just walk away, leave them alone.
It’s crystal clear they are not interested in you and they don’t want you that’s why they treats you that way.

You know we treat people who are valuable to us very cautiously.

Leave because you have no reason to stay.

You know in life..there are times when we just need one good reason to stay..just one.. and if you can’t even find that single one then..then what’s the point..??

You should know you’re not an option..and definitely not a choice.. know your value and who you are.

~You are priority

Leave because what you have to offer and give them is way more than they deserve & willing to give you back.

It’s not about

• Pride ×

• Or ego ×

It’s about self respect..

• Self esteem ✓

• Happiness ✓

• And peace of mind ✓

So never ever let anyone to make you feel like that..

Just keep loving yourself and moving forward..

Thanks for your time..

Keep smiling 😋

Stay blessed 🌼

© Dreamer❤️

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  1. Spread the word (the bird is the word) 🐥 it’s not selfish to accept or like oneself. I guess it is though, because it has the word “self” in it. LOL 🤠

  2. Loved it blogger !!! Such truth. How we feel down when someone we love don’t return the same. As you say it. We are diamonds. Bright. Glowing. If our brightness blinds anyone it’s their problems. Not ours. Well said. 😇

  3. Agghhh a phase iam going through.
    I guess lack of conversation is the biggest reason for this and maybe its okay to give one more chance and maybe just try one more time, no one wants to lose someone really precious i guess…

  4. Yes..i agree with you..
    Everybody deserves a Second chance..
    And I hope whatever you’re going through..will help you in growing..😇

  5. When the Fathers high above the Mountains of No Names send forth the Kings riding White Stallions to restore the lands fore Daughters play to buckle the knees of the Men who become gods, riding Black Stallions, laying waste to once lush Forests and Mountain ranges and Her Rivers dried up. Restoring Creation back to Her Beauty. Teaching the husbandmen how to touch Her Creation. The Fathers sit in abeyance and watch from High Places over their Daughters, as they play in the Gardens of the Heavens, standing above their Eyes.
    Creation teaches the husbandman how to Love Her Creation. The male child who became a god has no power over the Kings that were sent by the Fathers to restore the land to its Beauty over Her Creation.
    A Diamond is a Young Ladies best Friend it never loses its luster.

  6. This is really so encouraging. I recently went through all of this and you described it all so aptly. But now I’m learning the art of moving on and controlling my emotions – compartmentalizing those feelings that’ll creep up on me when nostalgia hits. Thank you so much for this post, it was the sort of reaffirmation I needed. Things do get better once you change your perspective and move away from the source that causes such feelings of hollowness.

  7. I’m glad this post is helpful to you..
    I hope you’ll be able to get over all the obstacles in your way and grow through whatever you are going through..just stay strong..and learn through the process..
    Thanks for reading by..😇
    And if you want someone to talk to..I’m always there.. 😋

  8. Love it! How we see ourselves is everything! And love the lines “Never give anybody the power to make you feel worthless or unwanted ever”.. we should be the first to see and understand our value before outsiders see it and understand it.

    Keep dreaming, keep shining, have a wonderful week 💛

  9. If you start out the day as a Diamond you will end up the day as a Diamond. Takes little effort to keep a Diamond shiny. Takes more effort to mar its luster. Just watch who you allow to touch the facets of your Diamond.

  10. I loved it 💜💜
    I blog about some same concepts …
    soo if you get sm time please check out my blogs too ..
    if you dont want to .. then thats cool too .. 🙂
    Thankyou in advance 💜

  11. Give someone too much priority in your life….and you’re bound to get taken for granted…it’s human nature..! Harsh truth of life ! 😷 Inspirational post by the way ! ❤

  12. Well inspiring post yar..
    I went through these like felt unwanted by the ones I loved the most.. it’s most disheartening… but finally it’s us who live for ourselves.. I had my experiences..

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