Where do they come from..

Sometimes I wonder..
Where do they come from..
What do they carry..
Heavy from the pain..
Or just happy..
Where’s their destination..
Where’s their home..
Where do they come from..
Where do they go.. ☁️☁️

[wpvideo Sn8Eq86C data-temp-aztec-id=”d7bb8482-0e91-46c2-b375-f62c175f10bd”]
Keep smiling πŸ˜‹

Stay blessed 🌼

Enjoy monsoon ☁️

© Dreamer❀️

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  1. They come from the heavens between your Creation and your Father the Kings on Stallions of Emeralds and Diamonds.

  2. Even I wonder that when I look at them😁 still don’t the answers… maybe some things should be left to imagination only…heheheπŸ˜…
    Beautiful pictures 🌸❀ Weather looks so good in the video😍

  3. Great post ! Clouds always have a way to amaze us. ❀ Also the the place in video looks majestically green…where is it from ?

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