A courageous act

Yesterday.. my classmate was sitting alone at the last bench.
After all classes were over.. i noticed she was still there..

I sensed there was something wrong with her so I went to her and asked..

“Hey everything ok?”

She said nothing.

I asked again..

What happened? Is there anything wrong?”

Still nothing.

Then I asked, “Can I help you..?”

There is nothing wrong and nothing you can help me about ” she shouted.. sobbed.

I offered her water.
She drank. After a while.. when she felt okay, she said..

It’s him..We fought yesterday on something and..


And he hit me.”


“Yes, he got angry, shouted bad words, slaped me and pushed me away..
Everyone was watching us.. I was embarrassed.”

“How can you allow such behaviour.. & then what you did??” I said.

Nothing! He is my boyfriend” she said.


So he can do anything..
He was just angry..
I made him angry..It was actually all my fault.”

Who gave him the right to behave with you like that??”

He loves me that’s why he hit me..

What?? Are you out of your mind? Who told you so?

“You know nothing about love”

I think you don’t know what love is let me explain its..”

Shut up! You just go away and stay out of my matter..
It’s my life..my relationship and my personal decisions, so back off okay!”

She said aggressively and left.

I felt bad for her.. not bad but you know.. like..sad.

I was thinking how could someone be okay with treated like trash..

How someone can allow such behaviour and name it love?

Is it love..? Really..?

I didn’t knew that love was about speaking bad words, beating, or making the other person feel bad.

I wanted to help her but she didn’t allowed me.

She was so comfortable in feeling like that, that she thought it was completely okay to feel like that..

She allowed it and as they say what you allows, continues to grow.

She didn’t even thought that she needed help, she needed someone who could help her to get out of that abusive relationship.. so i thought.. maybe I know nothing about love but i do know whatever she was experiencing wasn’t it.

She has forgotten the feeling of love and how it’s supposed to feel.. I wanted to help her.. but I can’t even force her to do anything.

I don’t know what she will do or decide but I hope she puts all of her courage and make the right decision.. the decision that would help her to get out of such toxic relationship.

It’s not a courageous act to be in a toxic or abusive relationship.. but lack of courage to walk out of it.

Sometimes people can’t decide if they are in one or not.. so here are some signs that will help you to identify :

• Yelling , hurting (both physically and mentally).

• Punishing for sharing your views.

• Trying to control you & your life.

• Insulting you.

• Isolating you from the whole world.

• Uses wrong, harsh words.

• Tries to change you, hold you back.

• Always angry and arrogant.

The people in a relationship like that can’t leave the other person because they are afraid they won’t find someone else like them again..

Seriously? Trying to find someone like that again..

They should know not everyone is same and it is a good thing.

They like the comfort and are afraid of change.

They lack the courage and confidence.

They have lost themselves in the process of making the things work.

All the need is someone who can empower them and remind them who they are and allow people to help them.

The first thing they need to do is to leave that person who is making their life miserable.

I don’t know why people don’t understand life is too short to spend with someone like that.. to be unhappy and depressed.

You should be with someone who feels happy to have you in their life and treats you like you’re a blessing to them and if you can’t find someone like that then be alone.

You did everything, tried everything, stayed loyal, stucked by them..but they can’t even respect you then what’s the point.. instead work on yourself ..heal, grow and enjoy your own company and stop thinking that you will fix someone like that because if they don’t see any issues in their actions and don’t intend to then don’t be stupid to waste your time & save yourself before it’s too late.

Never let anyone destroy you.

It’s not love,

it’s suicide.

Keep smiling 😋

Stay blessed 🌼

© Dreamer❤️

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  1. This is very serious issue. Many people including both genders, are tolerating their partner’s toxic behaviours & labelling them as a love.

    It’s very toxic & can affect very badly on one’s mental health

  2. You’re right..
    All it need is a courageous act to live a happy life..to leave that relationship and move on..
    Thanks for sharing your views 😇

  3. Lovely post, dear.
    I was in an abusive relationship a few years ago, and was stalked and threatened when I left him.
    Toxic relationships are terrible, and one of the reasons people stay in it is fear. Fear that they will be harmed if they leave. Having a manipulative partner can numb one into thinking that they deserve the pain being inflicted on them. It’s a crazy cycle, and it led me into deep depression.
    I hope your friend leaves him and realises her worth! You were a good person to try and help. At least now she knows that she can always come to you for help. ☺️💛

  4. Yes..
    I am glad you have moved on from such relationship..
    I hope she will realize and let me help her..
    Thanks for reading by and sharing Ellen..
    It’s good you’ve been through all this and have courage to share it.
    You’re a strong woman..
    Be like that always..😇❤️

  5. I am going to repost your blog in the Throne of the Kings in the next hour. Then I am going to post another blog showing you where you are headed. I am very Proud of you as is your Father. A Courageous Act indeed you deserve the Honours. I will pay you respect for all others to see.

  6. Very nice post dear! 😊👌 Just few days back I was discussing the same topic with one of my friend😁
    It’s sad how people label this kind of toxic relationship as love… If that’s what love is, I would like to be in a world without love.
    I think people should realize their self worth and gain a little courage to move out of such kind of relationship… Nothing is more important in this world than self love. That’s the first step to any kind of love… Because you cannot pour from empty cup. Right?

  7. You’re absolutely right..😇
    What is the meaning of Being in a relationship if the other person cannot respect you and treat you right..
    It’s very sad people do wrong things in the name of love..
    And yes..self love is must 🤗
    Thanks for reading by and sharing your views 😇

  8. it’s not a gender based issue.. if we anybody we must give respect to their individual space… it our integrity and develop a positive vibe our society

  9. I agree..anybody could be a victim of toxic relationship of any kind..
    It’s not a gender based issue..
    Thank you for reading and sharing your views 😇

  10. I am happy with your approach, but sad with her perception, hope she learn it quickly, and stands for herself!

  11. Exactly! People sometimes stay in such abusive environments when they focus only on what they might loose if they breakup, instead of thinking about what they can GAIN by breaking up. It’s never ok to let others disrespect you physically or mentally, and if there’s no respect in a relationship, then it’s totally pointless to even talk about a “love” in such a relationship. Great article!♥️

  12. It’s sad because women really think that way. And say its love but not. Its probably what she saw growing up so it’s the only thing she knows. I pray for her that she sees with her own eyes what love truly is..

  13. Thank you for sharing this! Sadly many girls still think guys can treat them the way they want and she will just take in silently coz “it’s love” like wtf!
    Girls need to stand up for what is right and what’s good for them even when it includes going against someone they love..

  14. You’re absolutely right vrunda..
    Love is at it’s place and behavior like this is not acceptable at all..
    Thanks for reading and sharing your views 😇

  15. It is a sad dream dreamer😌 how can Love ever hurt 😔
    You remain happy and loved 😊💕 and the best to your friend

  16. It’s not the matter of toxicity on both sides .
    I think she truly likes him.
    You can hurt or get hurt only by those who you truly love you.
    Slapping ,Scolding,Pushing each other is not a big deal.
    By the way I am not referring to any movie instead or backing any filmmaker.

  17. Solution to this tragedy of a problem is in your latest blog. Time! When it’s the right time, it will give you a wake-up call.

    Great lines in the middle.

  18. What About Now??? People Of India And Pakistan Still Respect and Like Each Other. I’m Talking About The Common Man. The Soldiers Of Both Zones Like Each Other Share Food In The LoC When there is No War. They Are Just Imaginary Lines……

  19. Great message to girls…
    I often see my female frnds fighting with their boy frnds and ultimately forgetting everything the next day.. Falling in love is good but respect is far more important than love..

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