Why people leave..

I learned that in life.. we will meet people we need to meet.. not people we want to meet, because it’s only the people who we need in life will help us to know so many things.. will teach us a lot of things, meaningful lessons, different kind of experiences and will help us to grow into the person we are meant to be and to realise that loving ourself is the most important thing in life because only when we love ourselves then we will be able to understand and love the other person.. and when people leave..it’s not like a bad thing or a punishment.. but a lesson..

The difficult one will force to figure out what we are really made up of..
The easy ones will help us to find ourselves and achieve our goals and dreams..
So we should try to accept them as they are and learn from the experience.

The most powerful thing we can do is to believe in ourselves and trust the timings of our life, while things are unfolding and helping us grow.

I know it’s easier said than done, but there is no other better option than this.

Isn’t it beautiful how God send some people to convey his message, his lessons, his teachings to us.. but sometimes instead of accepting we keep retaliating.
It’s not because we don’t trust God, it’s because we haven’t seen things from his perspective..

But eventually we all will understand that every person in our life is being sent by the God with an intention to make us a better person..
To help us to know who we really are.. To save us from wrong paths..
And after when their roles are over in our lives.. they will leave..
So know that not everyone in our lives is permanent.
People will come and go..

See this as an opportunity for bettering yourself.. instead of getting sad and joining the pity party.

Always remember.. who’s meant to be forever in our life.. and wants spend his or her life with us will stay.. always.. no matter what.. no matter how bad things are.. not because we want them but because god knows we need such kind of soul..πŸ’•

Keep smiling πŸ˜‹

Stay blessed 🌼

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  1. Well said. You actually shot at the reality of everyone’s life .. We must keep learning and growing instead of being sad or disappointed.. Those who are meant to be with us..will always be our side no matter what.. Like you mentioned above “why people leave” .. Because those who left us were sent by God Almighty to save us from wrongs, to make us stronger doing more greats things ahead… To feel the the real meaning of life… To teach us how we can live a good life like a human not like creeping animals..! Thank a lot mam. Your blog is really amazing and it’s helping me a lot to overcome my fears. ☺

  2. While reading this I was thinking about the people who left…nd now I can see it’s for good..so much relatable and true wordsπŸ‘

  3. β€œThe most powerful thing we can do is to believe in ourselves and trust the timings of our life, while things are unfolding and helping us grow.” Absolutely, trust and believe! Nicely said, blessings!

  4. God send superheroes to save you time to time.
    I met a superhero two years ago, who changed my life, my perception towards life.
    I am a better person now.

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