Wasteful thoughts..

Thoughts are just thoughts..

They have no power.

Whatever we are thinking right now won’t be a thing of matter after sometime if we don’t take any action..

Do you remember.. what you thought a year before? a month? a week? or even yesterday?

Thoughts are just powerless without actions..

They have no control over you so.. relax and just don’t pay attention to the wasteful and lowering thoughts.

Are you powerless? Don’t you have the power to take control of whatever that goes inside your head?
Have you given everyone the power to rule over you or to control whatever you think or thoughts and your mood..?
Your mood is changing according to the situations..that means situations control you..
Be strong enough to take charge of yourself completely in every sense. Just remember that everyone is playing their own role, their part in your journey so just accept and stop expecting so much or you’ll end up hurting or disappointing yourself.

Keep smiling 😋

Stay blessed🌼

© Dreamer❤️