Different perceptions

As we grow up, we find out who we are… what we want… what facinates us… what makes us sad…

We realise that the people we’ve been with for a long time.. even if it feels like we’ve known them forever, aren’t on the same page on which we are.. and doesn’t perceive the things the way we do.
And you know what.. that’s completely okay.

It’s okay to have different opinions and point of views.
Just because someone thinks different from you doesn’t mean they’re wrong, and if you really want to understand a person, you have to consider things from their point of view. It’s a secret of building understanding in relationships.

Everyone has different point of views, what you think is right, maybe wrong for someone else.. what’s important for you, maybe useless for someone else.. like the quotation –

One man’s treasure is another man’s trash.

So, before you judge, think about it.. πŸ™‚

Keep smiling πŸ˜‹

Stay blessed 🌼

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  1. its phenomenal !! achcha lagta hai jab koi itna achcha likhta hai …maano jese ye humare hi alfaaz hai , aur hum khud hi ise likh rahe hai . hum aapki Tarah koi writer ya poet nahi hai …lekin ab dil karta hai ki , waqt mile to hum bhi apni dil ki kitaab khol kar rakh de ..so that jo apne hone ka dawa aur wada karte hai unhey pata chale wo hume kitna dukh aur sukh dete hai . kabhi kabhi hum sochte hai kaash humne bhi literature liya hota to shayad hum bhi itna achcha likh rahe hote . aapke likhey har quotes hume aage badhne me aur un banawati chehro se door rakhte hai jo hum apne manzil tak pahuchne se rokte hai ..humari guzarish hai …aap u hi likhti rahe ..lafz’o alfaaz aapke hume aajkal taaqat dete hai .

  2. Opinions are walking in quicksand there is no exit strategy it is a circle of reasoning that will drown you in the end..

  3. Very well written. It makes it easier for us to handle the situations with others when we accept the fact that different people hold different perspectives. And love the quote!! ❀️

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