Because I don’t wanna be that person,

Who misses and cries for someone..

I know I am stronger than before,

But not when I listen to my favorite love songs..

I miss you even more when I miss you,

And I get upset when I can’t even kiss you..

I wanna call you everyday..

To know what you’re doing,

And if you’re okay..

But I can’t because I know,

You don’t like to talk over the phone..

I wanna do a lot of things,

With you..

But I can’t because,

I don’t wanna make you feel bored..

When I think about how much I love you,

Sometimes it makes me sad..

Because loving you is like an infinite loop,

It will never end..

Keep smiling 😋

Stay blessed🌼

© Dreamer❤️

25 thoughts

  1. I didn’t get it🙄
    Who is You here??🤔
    Please Elaborate 😞

    Especially The Rhyming
    Missing – Kissing 😷
    Is it for the sake of rhyme☹️
    Or is it Real 😢

    Anyways Good Poetry😒
    An Infinite Loop Only On My Music Player


      1. मेरी अंग्रेजी आपके जितनी बेहतर नहीं अनुवादक इसे सहज़ बनाता है मेरे लिए 🙏

        Liked by 1 person

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