Be brave

Our hearts are full of dreams..
That we hold and wish to be real,
But only wishing won’t work..
You have to be patient and believe,
Believe in yourself..
Believe that you’ll make it to the end..

We all have dreams..
And i have some too..
If you want to make them have to believe entirely in yourself.. so that there are no doubts left.. not even the slightest ones..
keep believing.. even at the moments when you feel like you are not going to make it.. you can even pretend you do believe because those moments of doubts are temporary or short lived only.. as you’ve heard a saying..

Fake it till you make it

So take control over your mind..
Our mind does exactly as whatever we tell him to process.

Quickly replace the thoughts of doubt with the thoughts of believe if you want something to achieve.

Negative, doubtful and thoughts of failure won’t take you to anywhere. Thoughts like this won’t upgrade you but will degrade.
Do you want that for yourself?

Never give up on your dreams because if they are left unfulfilled.. will always create an ache in your heart.. there will be regrets for giving up so easily on your dreams..
So keep chasing them.. put all of your efforts with depths of your heart and soul with the passion that sets fire.

And when you decide to fight for your dreams, to work for will meet people who will doubt your dreams, your abilities and will not believe on you, never let those non-believers or dream-doubters stop you.
Never give them enough power.. do not allow them to say you that you cannot do something..
They will work as a fuel in your fire.

Obstacles like them will let you know what not to do because they are the people who have given up on their dreams and have lost faith and believe on themselves.. no wonder why they find it difficult to believe on yours..
They have lost their courage to trust on the magic of believing..

Ask yourself, do you want to be like such a person?.. A person without faith.. a person without self-belief..
Do you?

If your answer is “yes” then give up on all of your dreams and desire, do not work for them..
if your answer is “no” then never ever give up on them.. and let those obstacles strengthen you and make you more wiser and a person with experience of how to face the obstacles and is brave enough to go and grow through them to fulfill his or her dreams..

Be brave enough to work for your dreams.. chase them.. put your heart and soul, and keep believing in yourself..
Be brave to start over whenever you find yourself like you’ve lost your way..

Braveness will open the doors of new opportunities and will help you to grow, you just have to decide to be.
And never forget the power of faith.. when faith meets braveness it creates wonders.. it does not make things easy, it makes them possible.

So, be brave for your dreams.. because they are yours not anyone else’s to be achieved.

Keep smiling 😋

Stay blessed 🌼

© Dreamer❤️