Pray 🙏🏻

If you love someone..send them blessings, good vibes and prayers..

Pray for their peace,

Pray for their happiness,

Pray for their growth,

Pray for their success,

Pray for their strength,

Pray for their health,

Pray they’ll never give up,

Pray they’ll always stand,

Pray for their dreams,

Pray they’ll face the obstacles,

And always achieve.

Do you pray every day?

I do..if you too..then tell me in the comments.. I’m curious 😝

Keep smiling 😋

Stay blessed 🌼


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  1. मैं भी स्वयं के लिए अवश्य प्रार्थना करूंगा🙏

  2. Every day, and in this way silently is often the best prayer “Be still and know that I am God,” Psalm 46:10

  3. My day starts with praying for others. And I pray today for happy, healthy and fulfilling life for my Dreamer friend 💕🤗

  4. Amazed to see you blogging.
    There is lot to learn from you Taruna.

    I don’t pray daily but I help many people in many different ways.
    I care for my loved one and keep them smiling.

    This way, i get blessing from all around the world.

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