Are you too shifting in life?

As you move on with the life you will realize that you are not the same person you used to be a year ago.

Your priorities change.

The things that you used to tolerate have now become intolerable.

You anticipate activities that do not make you feel comfortable.

You used to remain quiet but now you speak your mind and you express yourself.

You realize that you have your own opinion and that matters most to you.

You no longer want to be with the people who disturb your mental peace.

You avoid useless chitchats. You are now preferring to remain silent rather than arguing.

You now understand the true value of yourself, your own worth.

And the most important thing that you no longer expect anyone else but you to make you feel happy because eventually, people you rely on will leave one day or another. No matter what, how you feel, or how bad you want them to stay, and I guess that is okay.

Isn’t it that’s what life is all about?

In life as we grow we make mistakes, we learn from them, we keep moving forward, we keep shifting from who we used to be to what we are now, we begin to understand that there are situations that we can’t control and some that don’t deserve our time, energy, or focus.

And this process is entirely natural and will continue till our final day on the planet, and in the process, some people that you have in your life will accept your shifting and understand that it is a process and it’s completely alright to choose what’s right for you.

To to be conscious about where you invest yourself as they are also shifting in life while, others who are stuck at the same phase in life will say you’ve changed, will criticize you, and will speak whatever they want about you behind your back.

But you know what that doesn’t even matter, as it’s not their fault, maybe it is difficult for them to understand your journey.

So let them go and keep moving forward in life, shifting, growing, and changing because change is the law of nature and we all are nature’s creation.


Keep smiling πŸ˜‹

Stay blessed 🌼

© Dreamer❀

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  1. Nice. One’s thinking change with time, circumstances and experiences in life. What might be a different person tomorrow as compared to what we are today.

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