Climb the ladder of Life

Sometimes, life gives us reason to quarrel about.

It’s not like I am complaining about the way things have been in my life it’s just like sometimes you yearn some moments in your life to happen in a specific delightful way but everything turns out to be different and entirely contrary of what you’ve dreamt of and when it happens it aches, you’ll be overwhelmed and feel terrible and believe this is the end, but trust me it’s not.

You know why it hurts. Because you thought things would be literally the same as you imagined but we already know that you can not regulate what’s going to happen next.

Also, the fact that you are not God who can control things and they will be according to you.

Remember you’re human and human experiences all these feelings, happiness, sadness, achievement, sufferings, absoluteness, loneliness, hurt, etc.

All these are phases of life. One feeling leads to another as they say,

You never know the real significance of happiness if you haven’t encountered the pain.

They all are related.

It’s like a ladder, you can not skip the first step.

And if you try to do so, you may tumble on your face and break your front teeth and spoil your pretty smile.

Sounds absurd right! but you need to think about it deeply, step by step patiently you can reach your absolute goal and for that, you have to pace on the ladder steps one by one at a time.

Realizing all your feelings or whatever you’re going through is carrying you to your destination and you have to believe yourself, your direction, your journey, the path you chose to go on, your choices.

All these are taking you to your fate and in the process making you the most beautiful human being.

The heroic soldier and the bravest person you will ever meet.

So don’t you try to skip anything life tosses at you, just feel, experience and explore what it’s trying to enlighten you and discover new things from it.

I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them. – Oscar Wilde


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Keep smiling 😋

Stay Blessed 🌼

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  1. True that sometimes things happens completely opposite as you thought. Expectations are the real cause of disappointment. Never expect.

  2. Wonderful message shared by you girl!!😀😀
    Just experience everything before finalize anything.. If you want to outshine any scare then you must have to feel it, without it you gonna be scared more n more.

  3. Beautifully put through…very nice motivation to get over regrets and sufferings…keep this beauty in your writing going 🙂 Thank You for these wonderful thoughts.

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