Highs and lows

Life is not a straight line.. nor it has any defined geometrical structure, it’s like a random pattern of lines, totally unpredictable or more like a zigzag like pattern and has its own twist and turns, I am sure that every person has experienced some highs and lows in his or her life. When we are at our lows, we forget about our highs and vice-versa, we get caught in the moment so much that all we think is – this is life, this is permanent, but trust me it’s not, we think that this moment defines us, but it doesn’t!

When we experience low, we think that life is miserable, I am good for nothing, all I do is struggle and this couldn’t get more worst, but we have to remember that it’s okay to feel that way, it’s okay to struggle, it’s okay to feel what you are feeling at the moment.. keeping in mind that this too will pass as all your happy times and moments didn’t stay so why the lows will..?

When on highs, it is natural to feel happy and on top of the world.. life is like a dream, so beautiful, heavenly. I know highs make you feel amazing and you want to feel that way forever but that’s not possible and forever is a lie and no moment can last forever at least in this case, because we know life is all about highs and lows.

Anyone can survive highs but it takes a lot of courage to survive the lows of life.

Those moments can make you feel weak and have the power to consume all of positivity and optimism and you will be the most negative person you will meet.So, I agree that low moments can make one feel lost and like a loser but one can survive those times of life.Lows can kill every source of light in your soul but there is one thing that it can’t kill and that’s hope, yes hope. It’s the only thing that will ignite the light of believe.. the believe on your own self that you will make it through.. you will survive and when this movement will pass.. you will feel yourself stronger than before because you’ve experienced something you thought you never would be able to overcome and now you are stronger than before and proud of yourself that you have become a person that knows, “Yes I can do it! I have already faced it and I can face the worst.”
The word “Can’t” would be no longer in your dictionary because you’ll realize that lows are temporary, momentary.. and it’s okay to struggle, to feel a little less than usual.. but what’s not okay is to let those week moments define you. Remember, even if you are at your lows, the good and happy times are just around the corner, beginnings are coming.. πŸ™‚

So it’s up to you.. Will you let the low moments of life to define the who you are and how the rest of your life will be or Will you believe on your own self and continue the life’s journey with hope and light for the better days, better life and better future that’s waiting ahead for you..? πŸ˜‰

So, thanks for reading by, and please show some love, share with your family and friends. πŸ˜‡

Keep smiling πŸ˜‹

Stay Blessed 🌼

© Dreamer❀