Pretend to be okay

Random thoughts

There are some days..

When we don’t feel okay,

And we have to hide..

Keep it all inside,

Like we’ve done something wrong..

Or a crime,

We pretend we’re okay..

When we are actually not.

Why do we have to do that..we pretend we’re doing great and everything is as it should be, prevailing, we are not disappointed and hide everything we feel.

Maybe it’s because we know that nobody is going to understand what we feel or we are going through. We would fail to express ourself.
We know they are not going to trade shoes with us, and sometimes it’s better to sort things out on our own instead of explaining someone else why we feel the way we feel because they will only perceive from their own mental level or based on their own experiences..

So, we keep pretending we’re okay when there’s something wrong that’s bothering…

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