Color of sunset

With everything sunset…
Comes a promise
of another beautiful dawn,
Full of light,
Full of hope…
and when the sun is set…
Nothing can replace,
The color of sunset…
Keeps me sane πŸ’›

Keep smiling πŸ˜‹

Stay blessed 🌼


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  1. Dreamer Thank You for the Support!

    I will share something with you that resonates very surreal truth ” Storms come and go trying to ripped you into shreds no matter what the Sun always finds a way to shine” E.O.S



  2. Always I am been busy working on some new Segments

    As the my cerebral cortex ooze with euphoria I cannot wait to see the state of unpredictability I leave my audience in with my twisted intentions.

    ” You laugh at me because I am me I laugh at you because I am not normal like you” Joker

  3. Thank you Dreamer

    I been through more than most ever experience in Life.

    I welcome you to read my Segment My Story I have to warned you it very surreal and alot for someone to take in. If it’s too much I respect and understand.

    Thank you for the support


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