Trust me those Dark clouds lie

Sometimes dark clouds stay

A little longer

Constant rainy days

Those days feel like

Never gonna pass

And you find it

Difficult to believe that

Sun will shine again

Or those dark clouds will

All drift away

That you will see those

Blue skies again

And feel on your skin

Warm Sunrays

That makes you feel alive

Dreamy clouds on the sky

Clear, filtered, blue-dyed

Like a movie projected

And you’re watching live

Like when you close your eyes

You will still realize

The fragrance of light

Your heart smiles

But trust me those

Dark clouds lie

They’ve been here just for a while

Gather your courage and

Hold on tight

Wipe your eyes

And please smile

Hear me when I say

I’ve been there once or twice

And left those days behind

I promise you

There will be more blue skies

Than these stormy

Dark cloudy nights

Keep smiling πŸ˜‹

Stay blessed 🌼

Β© Dreamerβ™₯️

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