The power flower

When I was a kid, drawing a lotus flower was the easiest to draw on paper…
Whenever we had an art exam.. we had to draw on two sheets, any flower on one and any landscape on the other, and before you guess, I always used to draw Lotus flower πŸ˜›, not because it was my favorite flower but because it was the simplest to draw and color… but now I realize simple things have enormous importance and impact.
It’s the simple things that impact us the most and the Lotus is a precise example of that.

A lotus sketch

Despite its origins, having roots in muddy water, it still grows out to be the most beautiful flower, the National flower of India, a symbol of beauty, spiritualism and reflects purity, divinity, and life.

The lotus flower grows through the slime and pond scum without any silt on its petals, shows the purest and divine blessing of nature which inspires the soul within.. and how it grows in mud, teaches us a lot about life and represents growth.

Astonishing! Isn’t it? How a flower can light our soul having its roots in slime and still blooms, teaches us we can bloom too,
through hard and rough times…
bloom through the dark nights.. overcoming obstacles,
standing with head high.

Lotus in pond

This beautiful flower has rich historical and cultural history and beliefs, and how it blossoms through the mud and teaches important lessons of life is amazing.

It absorbs water from pond scum and teaches us to learn good lessons through the bad times.

In Hinduism, the Lotus has its own importance.
The God and Goddesses hold it in their hands and sits on, it reminds us not to get attached or affected by our surroundings/environment and to be focused on ourselves, our growth and, our journey without any attachments.

There’s a story that the flower Lotus was originated from the navel of the Lord Vishnu (the sustainer of the universe) which is why he is also called Padmanabh (Padma means lotus and nabh means Navel).
The Lord Brahma (the creator of the universe) sits on it.

Lord Vishnu
The Lord Vishnu holding LotusοΏΌ

In Buddhism, the Lotus is a symbol of purity and detachment as how it blooms in the ponds, deep-rooted in mud and scum, and still is divine.

In Christianity, the lotus flower represents fertility and holiness.

In Japan, the Lotus symbolizes attaining enlightenment and describes the endless cycle of life & death, birth & rebirth.

Lotus is the true symbol of beauty and spiritualism.

A closed lotus bud symbolizes the phase before enlightenment.
A partially open lotus symbolizes that the enlightenment is beyond the ordinary eyes.
While a fully blooming Lotus symbolizes full enlightenment.

The flower also appears in different colors with their own spiritual significance,

The yellow lotus symbolizes full enlightenment, the blue lotus – the victory of spirit over senses (victory of intelligence and wisdom), the pink lotus – perfection, the red lotus- compassion, and the white – the purity of mind.

Colorful Lotus

So, it’s clear that on the path of spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery you will always find beautiful Lotus at each step, guiding you through the unknown ways in your journey and will teach you to trust in the unseen path that will lead you to your inner light.

Do you also adore Lotus? Or is Lotus is your favorite flower from now on? πŸ˜„

Please let me know in the comments.🌷

Keep smiling πŸ˜‹

Stay blessed 🌼

Β© Dreamerβ™₯️

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  1. Hahaha relevant..
    For me, to give myself try on paint/sketch is the hardest part..

    Landscape was the easiest part of drawing,
    Draw one sun, some mountains-river, couple of animals and flowers that’s all…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    But the message you want to convey with it is really well express

  2. Where Did You Find This Info??
    Did You Google?
    Or It’s In Built Flow Of Writing As You Had Some Knowledge In The Past??
    Didn’t Expect This From You
    Anyway NICE BLOG POST Dreamer…

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