A warrior

Sometimes, you have to be strong.. not because you want to, but that’s the only pick you have left.

You cannot go back and you can’t skip to the future, so what you are left with you is the present and the only choice that you have to make.. of being strong, confronting challenges, and battling with your own demons at the same time and keep moving ahead.

We generally find ourselves in a perpetual war. Not a war with someone outside like a Supernatural creature or a monster which is running around to find and slay you and you have to fight that antagonist to conserve your vitality but it is more like the ones that run inside your sense that you have to fight and that war makes you a tougher person, a warrior.

Each of us has a warrior inside of us… some of us are conscious of that side of us and others aren’t, but eventually, we all will meet the warrior version of ourselves when it’s meant to be.

Tough circumstances & difficult moments mend us to be who we destined to be… A true warrior that fights for what he or she believes without holding back, revolting devils inside the head and fiercely going towards the dreams, knocking the obstacles and monsters down courageously with the burning flame in heart to acquire them without letting that fire fade away.

Keep smiling πŸ˜‹

Stay blessed 🌼

Β© Dreamerβ™₯️