What’s next !

Do you know what’s coming next?

I know you don’t πŸ˜› and neither do I… in fact, nobody does.
We don’t know what comes next and you know what, the good news is… we don’t even have to.

It’s not like we have to have everything figured out where we are right now in our life.
We don’t need to figure out our complete story like what turns it will take and what twists it will face how is gonna end, etc, etc.

As our all-time favorite, the cutest Winnie the pooh said,

Life is a journey to be experienced not a problem to be solved.
So why struggle to unravel everything at the right second.
Life is simple and yet beautiful.
And I think its actual beauty prospers in its unpredictably.
If I look back a year ago, I had no idea, not even a slight impression that what would or who I’d be today.

We all are constantly living, evolving, growing, and learning through our predictably wonderful journey called life and what makes a journey adventurous and full of passion is the curiousness of what’s coming next.

Like we don’t even watch a movie or a show again (if in case that we really love that movie or show… then that’s a different scenario 😝 ) if we already know what’s the following scene then what’s the fun.. right! And it’s our life here what we are talking about… the one-time show and it wouldn’t be that much exciting if we knew how it would turn out in the end…

So all we have to do is being patient while we experience and relish our journey, embracing the unknown twists and turns of it, smiling at the fact that we don’t know what’s coming next because we write our own story as we ride through our unique and beautiful journey of life. 😌

Keep smiling πŸ˜‹

Stay blessed 🌼

Β© Dreamer β™₯️