The scariest part
Is letting go
When you’re
Stuck in the dark
& a little Heartbroke
Looking at the sky
Hoping one night
I will fly
Wings spread right
High in the sky
Spreading light
On my ride
One day I’ll be
My own
Flashlight 🔦

Keep smiling 🤗

Stay blessed 🌼

© Dreamer❤️

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  1. Trauna what amazing mysterious name !

    What does it mean or is there no meaning I just think it very tranquil

    Love your writing I see with each piece it seems you’re ciphering deeping into your level of understanding.

    Many think the world owes you something but it owes you nothing if you truly want something than go and get it, it won’t come to you” E.O.S

    luas dia I do thruas


  2. My pleausre

    Your writing also has a lot of depth to it as well I use to beIieve that I needed to water down my words and expressionism because it is so raw and full of venom.

    But realise that the very raw nature is why it was so authentic and pure.


  3. I been finding myself writing a lot of lyric’s as of late something I used to do alot when I was younger. To escape the Hell I was thrashed into and fucked up reality.

    Just as story is told a song’s lyric’s forged a journey throught experiences of Life.

  4. 5 questions for you Taruna if you are comfortable

    What is your element Earth, Fire, Wind , Water and Why ?

    What is your favorite colour ?

    What would the world without music look like to you ?

    What kind of music do you like ?

    Would you consider yourself the hero or Villain why or why not ?

    Many see the Hero as reflection of shiny light but without dark there is no light. Very examples do you see the hero without flaws so how can the hero be real?

    Whereas the Villain whom I identify with through in and out they do not deny or try to be something they are not.

    So is the hero really the good guy or wants others to think as so when really they are Villain and choose not to accept reality of correlation to what their Raw Self truly is?


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