Are you willing to be a Brave Person?

Our hearts are full of dreams That we hold and wish to be real, But only wishing won’t work You have to be patient and believe, Believe in yourself Believe that you’ll make it to the end… We all have dreams. And I have some too. If you want to make them haveContinue reading “Are you willing to be a Brave Person?”

Different perceptions

As we grow up, we find out who we are… what we want… what facinates us… what makes us sad… We realise that the people we’ve been with for a long time.. even if it feels like we’ve known them forever, aren’t on the same page on which we are.. and doesn’t perceive the thingsContinue reading “Different perceptions”

Bad days..?

Are you having a bad day? or should i say.. bad days? Well days like those.. we all have now and then. “All of us..” The things we wanted to work out perfectly did not worked out. So many things we have promised ourselves, just can’t happen. Sometimes.. it takes a little longer to arriveContinue reading “Bad days..?”