The art of not trying

Those who attain on tiptoes don’t refuse to simply receive. Those that rush ahead don’t get very far. those that try and surpass others dim their own light. Lao Tzu How can we improve once we stop attempting to improve? many people waste our efforts trying to raise our lives with questionable outcomes. They gain information and … Read more

Look through eyes of faith, through a lens of hope

When I scrutinize the scriptures every famine that happened every financial downturn, every plague, every disease, the people of God were sustained through every season that the planet went through because they put their trust in him because when your trust is within the Lord you’re secure. You know it is simple to mention that we trust God when everything’s good and everything’s … Read more

How much is enough?

Was it the Grand Lama that spun and said,  ‘You spend all of your life making the maximum amount of money as you can for your retirement one day? ‘ then again once you retire, you’re spending all that money ‘because your health is compromised.’ You can spend your life out there trying to form plenty of cash, always saying that in some unspecified time in the future I’m visiting have lots of cash and revel in myself. By … Read more

Not Harmed

Marcus Aurelius knew that irrespective of the severity of incidents, there’s always a choice in how we judge them. “Choose to not be harmed—and you will not feel harmed. In general, the quantity of suffering that humans endure depends, for the foremost part, on the whims of fate. But it varies per person to what degree fate affects them. Some features may be harmful to 1 person but don’t … Read more