Do you ever stop and wonder why do you do certain things? We do things which we choose to do. The factors that influences our choices are ~ a) Experiences – The one’s own life experiences i.e. past experiences. They do influence who a person is today a lot. Be it good or bad butContinue reading “Learning..”

Embrace change..

When we confront something new like any change or change in our old pattern..we oppose it, because we get so used to how the things were going.. specially when things were going smoothly.. without any hinderence. It’s nobody’s fault, you can’t blame yourself for resisting change. Just not forget that change is good..if it’s betteringContinue reading “Embrace change..”

Who am I..

Who am i..? May be my name..but it is given by others.. May be my actions..but they may be decieving.. May be my words.. but they may be not true.. May be my feelings.. but they keep changing.. May be my fears.. but they goes away.. May be my dreams.. but they can be driven..Continue reading “Who am I..”

Making fun of others..

We should never make fun of anybody’s insecurities, weaknesses, or disabilities… because we never know how much courage does it took them today to come out of their house knowing that they aren’t that confident about themselves and are different from others what they call disabled or made fun of them. If somebody doesn’t looksContinue reading “Making fun of others..”