Wrapping up 2020: Top 12 Posts

Hey everyone, how you doing? Well since today is the last day of the most unpredictable year “2020”. I am glad you’re safe and sound, reading this blog. So, today I was just checking all the posts I’ve posted the past year. To be honest I felt a little nostalgic reading them all. As IContinue reading “Wrapping up 2020: Top 12 Posts”

Different perceptions

As we grow up, we find out who we are… what we want… what facinates us… what makes us sad… We realise that the people we’ve been with for a long time.. even if it feels like we’ve known them forever, aren’t on the same page on which we are.. and doesn’t perceive the thingsContinue reading “Different perceptions”

Take the risk..

Sometimes in life we all have to make decisions.. not only the small ones that will change our life in small ways but the big ones that will change our life completely, that will change the whole direction of our life.. Such decisions should be based on.. in which direction you want to go.. whereContinue reading “Take the risk..”

High maintenance women

You call her high maintenance..Well maybe that’s the kind of woman she is. If high maintenance means having zero interest in short and useless conversations and loving conversation that leads to somewhere or makes her feel good and lasts until the sun rise, then yes she is high maintenance women. If high maintenance means notContinue reading “High maintenance women”

Making fun of others..

We should never make fun of anybody’s insecurities, weaknesses, or disabilities… because we never know how much courage does it took them today to come out of their house knowing that they aren’t that confident about themselves and are different from others what they call disabled or made fun of them. If somebody doesn’t looksContinue reading “Making fun of others..”