Fall in love

Falling in love is beautiful, and for experiencing this beautiful experience, it’s not always necessary that you have to have another person. You can fall for so many things around you… like, you can fall in love with the music, the art, or with dancing under the stars, car rides, looking at the sunrise, with … Read more

Empty page..

Be an empty page, untouched by words… ~Rumi The quote is very deep in itself. Be an empty page. An empty page? What does an empty page is like? Maybe a page with no marks or words of yesterday. Clear and new, unaffected by past..be it happy one or sad. Those words are dead now, … Read more

No more regrets :)

Regret. Yes. What does this word actually mean..? Google says It is ” A feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over an occurrence or something that one has done or failed to do”. Regret is actually a feeling of disappointment with one’s own self. It is an emotional roller coaster of guilt and failure. When … Read more