Wrapping up 2020: Top 12 Posts

Hey everyone, how you doing? Well since today is the last day of the most unpredictable year “2020”. I am glad you’re safe and sound, reading this blog. So, today I was just checking all the posts I’ve posted the past year. To be honest I felt a little nostalgic reading them all. As IContinue reading “Wrapping up 2020: Top 12 Posts”

In search of something

We all are always in search of something, something we already have within us all the time. Whatever we seek whether it is Peace, Happiness, or contentment, it’s all already deep inside us. What you seek is seeking you A profound statement by Rumi, providing us all different and yet worthwhile way of looking atContinue reading “In search of something”

Don’t regret, regret!

Right from childhood, we are taught to live a life fully. To live without any regrets. Ever wonder why? I think regrets aren’t the reminder of what we have done wrong but of what we could have done right in the past, in a decent way if a similar situation is confronted again. So whenContinue reading “Don’t regret, regret!”