Look through eyes of faith, through a lens of hope

When I scrutinize the scriptures every famine that happened every financial downturn, every plague, every disease, the people of God were sustained through every season that the planet went through because they put their trust in him because when your trust is within the Lord you’re secure.

You know it is simple to mention that we trust God when everything’s good and everything’s happy and everyone goes in line with plan we so yeah I’m just trusting the Lord and appearance how good everything is but it is a whole other deal to trust God when things don’t seem to be so good.

You see to trust God means you have got to permit him to try to what he craves to try and do whether or not he fails And you say well he can’t fail he’s God and that is the purpose he can’t fail.

Therefore We must trust him enough to let him succeed But to let him succeed on his terms, And in his way and in his time not on my terms or in my way or in my timing to trust God is to mention I’m gonna let God do what he wants to try and do Lord, I’m not gonna argue with you, I’m not gonna fight, I’m not visiting resist, I’m gonna allow you to do what you recognize is most useful and that i am not visiting fear the result. The Lord is my caretaker and that I shall not be in want, in other words, God says I will be able to make sure of all of your needs if you’ll just trust me the Lord is the protector I shall not want, and although I rehearse the valley of the shadow of death.

I will fear no evil for you’re with me.

Dear friends do not be surprised or shocked once you undergo painful trials and fiery tests in life. Listen, it isn’t visiting last our temporary and momentary troubles won’t last, But they’re achieving for us a continuous glory that far outweighs all so We focus not on what’s seen. the issues around us but on what’s unseen For what’s seen is temporary it isn’t visiting last but what’s unseen is eternal Sometimes when you’re following God, he leads you right into a storm.

There are twice when the disciples found themselves during a storm during a boat.

They thought they were visiting die both times, But they were within the storm they were in their trouble not because they were doing things wrong. They were in trouble because they were doing things right. They were following God. They were obeying what he told them to try and do. They were following his directions and his directions led them right into a storm. But if they’d not been in those storms they might never have discovered truths about God.

Always explore for God within the way things aren’t within the way that you just hope they’ll be But hunt for God within the way things are because he’s not expecting you on another side of the difficulty looking ahead to you to work it out and find your way through he’s within the middle of it Walking with you working his way and his will but you have to trust him in it So when God says does one trust me?

Well, then you have got a call to form Will you permit him to try and do what he wants to try to And not fear the result Because to fear the end result says Lord, i do not really quite trust you’ll you permit him to try to what he wants to try and do and not fear the end result specialize in what never changes within the days ahead That’ll offer you stability.

Don’t target what’s ever-changing because we do not know where it’s all visiting find yourself He said well, what are the unchangeable truths that are not I should specialize in well, God sees everything I’m longing concentrate on that God cares about everything I’m inquiring that’s unchangeable God sees and he cares God has the ability to alter what I’m looking.

He has the facility to answer prayers that are unchangeable God always acts out of his goodness to me. That’s never gonna change irrespective of what happens God is usually gonna act good to me God’s plan is often better than my plan I’ll not see it, but it’s better because he’s a decent God.

God will never stop loving me. That’s never gonna change in your life. These are belongings you must concentrate on the items that never change God’s love on behalf of me God’s grace on behalf of me God’s goodness on behalf of me. Remember this.

Remember that irrespective of what I am going through God will bear it with me Every stage every phase Every crisis regardless of what I am going through God is gonna bear it with me. you’ll never really ever be alone. God Is with you. He’s with you straight away God has never been closer to you than he’s right away.

He’ll never be any more away than he’s at once.

That’s what you wish to specialize in Maybe a bit less paying attention to the net and a bit bit more paying attention to God which will offer you confidence that may provide you with stability.

That will replace your panic with prayer. it’ll replace your worry with worship, it’ll replace Your anxiety with adoration.

You have to believe that God knows what’s best, That he won’t abandon you he won’t jilting of you that you simply won’t be destroyed by this trouble you have got to require him at his word when he says I will be able to never leave you or abandon you you have got to require him at his word when he says I take all things and work them together for your good.

The seed of religion planted within the soil of adversity Under the watchful eye of the gardener will originate life and sweetness in its season.

Remember God makes all things elegant in their time.

The trouble that you simply are in won’t last. you’ve got to appear through the eyes of religion through a lens of hope a lens of expectation. Remember, this can be not the tip of the story Because we do not know what the long run holds but we do know who holds the longer term

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