No more regrets :)

Regret. Yes. What does this word actually mean..?

Google says It is ” A feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over an occurrence or something that one has done or failed to do”.

Regret is actually a feeling of disappointment with one’s own self. It is an emotional roller coaster of guilt and failure.

When we do something whether enjoying or wasting, that particular moment, without thinking about the consciousness and when we face them afterward..and they are unexpected or unusually unfamiliar ones..then the feeling of oh damn! I shouldn’t have done that..or I wish I could have done that in a different way…is what you can call experiencing regret.

Let’s be honest..we all have regrets in our lives.. maybe the small ones, or the big ones…but regrets are regrets.

If they are not dealt with..they will kill us inside..or will eat us alive.

They are the reason..why some people are unable to forgive themselves and are living with pain and burden on their hearts..which is totally wrong..and they should know that they are hurting themselves and there’s no one else to blame.

As we all go throw life..we all make mistakes and learn that way..there is no other way to be the person we are meant to be..some things or people are meant to cross our paths in the already defined way..there is something like destiny if you believe… You know we all want to be free.. free from all the regrets of any type..we all wanna sleep with a smile on our face and wanna wake up with the same smile in the morning.

And, you know what…

Acceptance is the key to be free.

So if you wanna be the person who has no regrets in his life..all you have to do is to accept. Yes..accept that you are a human, accept that you can make mistakes, and accept that you can learn and grow from them.

To accept, respect, and love yourself enough.

So that you can forgive yourself and let go of some of the things you can’t change..only that way you can experience life without regrets..and can finally feel free.. 🙂

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